Purchasing SOL with payment gateway?

I’d like to know if there are any examples of how to purchase and create a transaction using a payment gateway so that a user can put in a credit card or bank account info without having to create an account on an exchange in order to purchase SOL.

I would like to create a very simple proof of concept that allows a user to purchase digital goods from each other using solana smart contracts and SOL.

Is there any example code or documentation that I can have a look at that would allow me to understand the architecture needed behind doing something like this.

My assumption and what I would like to do is use something like Stripe to create the purchase of SOL into the users account/wallet and then preform the transactions from there. What I’m unclear about is how to purchase the SOL from the network once I’ve had the user put payment info into the payment gateway.

There aren’t a lot of examples of converting payment info from a payment gateway to SOL, since this basically describes an exchange. Check out https://developers.coinbase.com/ if you just want to accept cryptocurrencies (not SOL in particular, since Solana is still too new).

If you want to create an exchange, more power to you. On-ramps are always welcome, but programming an exchange is a heavy lift.