Receive token transfer without needing to keep a Solana balance

I’m new to Solana and there’s a problem I’m trying to figure out.

In short, I want User A to deposit tokens (let’s say USDC) to a new account. User B should be able to withdraw these tokens at any time. Is there any way for User B to do this without having to pay transaction fees, and thus needing to keep a Solana balance?

I guess I would have to make User A the fee payer, but then he would need to sign. Perhaps there’s a way to sign transactions automatically if they match some criteria?

Hi @rheimer and welcome to the forum!

I’ve thought of that same question before. I don’t think it’s possible to make the signing process automatic, at least not on the blockchain. You could set up a serverless function on AWS Lambda, Deno Deploy or something similar, that would check the transaction for your criteria and then sign with your fee payer account.

That should be very simple.

Thanks @zicklag! I’ll look into it, that does seem like the best way

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