Restore my web wallet

hello I need your help. I can’t restore my web wallet with my initial 24 words the following button in the command window does not activate to validate my 24 word and my password I do not understand why.


Hi. It could be maybe theres an aditional space or invisible character in your between your seed words ?

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Hi please check if there’s any spelling error in the seed words.

my wallet no restore plz help me

Hi everybody! I know it’s been a while, but I just found this topic so I figured I’d answer just in case it’s still useful to any of you.

If you want to import your web wallet to the CLI you can use this command:

solana-keygen recover "prompt://?full-path=m/44'/501'/0'/0'"

See this thread for much more background info on why this is how you do it. It’s rather confusing, unfortunately, but hopefully this helps!