RPC hosting issue

Hello again :wave: I’m sure someone will know the answer here.

Question: can using the RPC host - “api.mainnet-beta.solana.com” for a minting website cause the specific problem of - the frontend minting button to be irresponsive?

I am at the stage of using “yarn build” to create a production build and using localhost:3000 to test the frontend site.

I am able to mint via the CLI (minted 5 times - using visual code) which works but the frontend mint button freezes after connecting a wallet - it does not even show a countdown timer till live mint date which is on the 22 April 20022.

I did a test run on the devnet using “api.devnet.solana.com” which worked with no problem occurring … I have been picking my brains since yesterday.
I have not received any common http error codes: “403, 429” that point to a rpc issue… the collection is only 2400 :confused:

  • btw since I have minted 5 mints(CLI) before the go_live_date, would I need to update the candy machine to show 5 less mints in the config.json and .cache file? -

I have gone over the docs but no straight answers.


Guys I am still stuck with this mint button freeze issue, can anyone HELP???
I dont want to withdraw the rent out to start again just incase me minting 5 mints before the go_live_date is not what is causing the mint button freeze.
has anyone come across this irresponsive mint button before? what specifically causes it, or is it a bug?

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