Running Solana Node On Hetzner

Hey there i was interested in running a Solana validator node through a rented server. i understand i might be limited in my capacity for participation but I’m a huge fan of this network and committed to figuring it out anyone have any experience with this? if not maybe just let me know how difficult you feel it is to start and operate a node. i currently mine Ethereum but I’m pretty novice at the computational arts

Hi @SolCalibur and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Unfortunately, running a Solana validator is way harder than mining a PoW blockchain like Ethereum. I wouldn’t recommend it for anybody who is a not experienced with systems administration, and/or not ready to really market yourself as a validator and able to make statement about your validators reliability and performance.

You can check out my previous post for some extra insight:

For sure I had guessed as much since i’v never adminned a server myself but thought it might be a good way to throw myself into the network.
As I understood it I could still operate a node without participation in validation.
Is there any reason to do this just for fun or incentive? Like could someone set up an RPC node without having it connected to any Dapps. Is there even any reason to do this?