Same Secret Recovery Phrase with Different Wallet Addresses (Phantom Wallet)


In my Google chrome and Brave browsers, I installed the Phantom wallet extension. The “Secret Recovery Phrase” and “Private Key” for both wallets are the same. But, the Wallet addresses for each wallet are different.

The background:

I already bought an NFT and gave the Phantom wallet address that I installed on google chrome. They sent me the transaction link, but I can not find the NFT in my phantom wallet. So, I imported my “Secret Recovery Phrase” in Brave to check whether I can see it or not.

Surprisingly, I found that the wallet addresses are different ALTHOUGH The “Secret Recovery Phrase” and “Private Key” are the same.

Solana scan:

In the google chrome extension that I gave the wallet address to the market, I can see in Solana scan that they sent to me, although I can not see it in my phantom wallet.

In the Brave browser, I try to search the wallet address that I installed on this browser. So, I did not find any transaction in this address.

This transaction happened on October 14, 2021.

Please advice,

The best place for support is here: Solana Discord Invite

Scammers are everywhere, don’t directly message anyone, keep everything on the forum.

Good luck

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