Scam likely?

If I was an iphone I think I might read “scam likely”… What you think?

not scam likely

what makes you say scam likely?

Yeah, I’m almost sure that’s a scam.

I’d instantly be suspicious of kind of Solana-something URLs such as that isn’t the official

Also, there has been specifically a live chat scam going around. Also, anybody who sets their avatar to the Solana logo is instantly suspicious, because usually their trying to pretend to be Solana officials, which, to my knowledge, don’t even have the capacity right now to host live help for anybody like that.

Essentially if anybody goes and says, “come here and we’ll help you resolve you issue” is 90% likely a scam. They try to take advantage of people who need help with something, because often they’re stressed out and vulnerable, so posing as support officials is often an easy entrypoint to scam somebody.

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You are right. Using the official logo with an unofficial link is suspicious.

It’s a bit suspect. Double your SOL? Just send 20 to 10,000…

Yeah, that’s absolutely a scam. Never send somebody SOL in the hopes that they’ll double it. There’s no reason for them to send it back to you at all.

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