Scam with Phantom Wallet

I just woke up to find that someone had transferred 2 SOLs (the only thing I had) from my phantom wallet to another one. The truth is that I don’t understand anything, I don’t know how they could have done it… Nobody has my secret phrase. I don’t get it…
I leave the transaction ID and wallet here:

Trans ID: 3xVL34w8VLzxF6ve9X3SFf6mGWrTgEwzriJ2iGP1iiahi5PzpXGVC55PYR2pwoahheo9TsGHaTA1MMH9bEcq98y3
Wallet of scammer: 8JM7MLfe1wJUHukJ9UjJsqxXVRQxQB7rzpUXb17DBLHL


This happened to me last night ion same wallet

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