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Hello All,

I am 33, an electrical engineer and come from Germany. I am looking for co-founders / team members for a long-term crypto project. Unfortunately, I only have basic C ++ programming knowledge and am therefore looking for someone with blockchain development experience, does not have to be high-level. Otherwise, bullisch on a hopefully big project, you have fun and good character. :slight_smile: If someone feels addressed - get in touch - thank you

For now Iā€™m not looking for a company, but really a partner or close freelancer.

Hi @Baffpage
How are you, I am experienced in Blockchain Development and Lets discuss the requirements also I can address you with the right things. Lets have a meeting

My Email is :
Skype : live:.cid.b9ab09c282a4ddc0

Thanks & Regards

Hello @Baffpage

Please get in touch for a discussion. I have some ideas. Also based in Germany. Email: