Send Sols to a list of NFT holders

Hello everyone, I am kind of new in Solana and blockchain in general so I really need help.

I am trying to build a program that checks a list of NFTs and send the owners some Sols

for Example : I have 1o NFTs, 5 Owners each one has 2 NFTs so if I sent 10 Sols to the program, each owner should receive 2 Sols

I am having difficulties with thinking of a way to approach this program

how can I send an array of PublicKeys from the frontend to the Blockchain so that I cant transfer to each address a fraction of the money I send

I am using anchor and I built some minimal programs with it

I appreciate any help even good resources to improve my knowledge as I am struggling when I search for something

Why not contact solana support for assistance they are fast and reliable

Check them up on+15202645928hit them on there whatsap handle good luck