Sent SOL from sollet to binance but didn't get it

I made the transaction below but I didn’t get it. I asked binance but they said there is no sol in the pool that I sent. What can I do?

Your problem may be related to this topic:

Have you tried contacting solana wallet on telegram for support

Why not write to solana wallet directly on telegram on @solanawallet01 so the can help you retify your issue because the helped me resolve mine .

If you go to someone for support be extremely careful of scammers!

One of the most common techniques for scammers to use is to pretend to give you support on a channel like Discord or Telegram.

Never give your seed phrase or private key to anybody under any circumstances, or you will lose your tokens.

Even support officials will never ask for your seed phrase or private key.

Additionally, do not use any new crypto wallets that you haven’t used before, because scammers will try to get you to use a wallet that they have made to look like an official wallet, that instead steals all of your funds!