Sent usdc to solana network through phantom wallet

I accidentally sent usdc to the right address but the wrong deposit through a phantom wallet. It was to a Kucoin wallet that was accepting solana. and I deposited usdc. is this recoverable? please would like to know. large amount.

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Hi @cbone and welcome to the forum. :wave:

You would have to contact Kucoin to ask if there is a way to transfer the USDC back to you or to credit the Solana USDC to your account. In other exchanges people have been told that the only option is to wait to see if the exchange adds support for Solana USDC in the future and there’s usually nothing they can do it about it now.

Sorry about that, and good luck!

yes how can i solve this issue

The user who’s post is hidden above is a scammer. Don’t direct message them and don’t follow any of their instructions!

You have to contact Kucoin support and see if you can get their help. And always be careful of scammers!