Sol hacked on solflare

I want to say to you that I was hacked of 60 Sol between 21st November until Now
I made transfert from Kraken platform to the PortoFolio de Solana (SOLFLARE)
and I was totally Hacked, and wtill now, I try to send som of Sol with another account : 1- we are completely blocked to discuss with the other members and admin
2- at several times I was chating with a Hacker, who kindly confirm to me that : that’s Gone and there were hack
I want that the members of SOLANA help
Me to recover my 60 Sol
When putting my sol, I put a half for 2 validators 50%, 50%)

Thanks for responding
NB: the Solflare was the original one
and I checked it
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I replied on your first topic here. Reply there if you have any more questions.