SOL sent to faulty address please help

I was trying to send SOL and I must have mistyped the address. when checking the wallet it was sent to it doesnt seem to have any transaction history so i’m not sure its even a good address. I saw another post on the forums where someone said dev’s helped them recover their funds when something similar happened please help

signature: 2eAwJjYqZBtLSRns9L4DyLK7ketUoGPYBBcqhwU7aTHLPRAHDPR6kmjKkKch7e1EQijZuDzrucKhLRHrNhLMGG5D

my wallet: Bt2tFX33JRqjoLgnsfnoRaDKbQD3YsfZQgMrt8x3acQv
sent to address: 3orZxSPEepnCJPiryFaJYRr8BWGqJA5FvHPanDL3RxTD