SOL stolen from my trust wallet

SOL got stolen from my trust wallet SOL wallet by:B1KYDdY3M4o6GVHMWev4LymdH9BDYicTEiSWXEqLYLGS
my wallet address is :DZkVRU3vd1cNFjSZP4HrVdnaXePiVVxG1FvLqDH8QVtE
my wallet is trust wallet and transaction did not even recorded in my history .

I replied in your other topic:

Hey B1KYDdY3M4o6GVHMWev4LymdH9BDYicTEiSWXEqLYLGS stole from me too, i have odererd a ledger, is it safe to use the ledger on the wallet i already got or do i need to make a new wallet for my ledger. thanks in advance

You’ll need to create another wallet for the ledger. It’s possible to use the ledger with pre-existing wallets, but if the existing wallet has been hacked, then the hacker can still draw any money out of it, so it’s not safe to use.

It’s best to create a new seed phrase that hasn’t been on the computer or phone before, or at least that you’ve never stuck into any wallet software, so that there’s no chance for malware to get at it.