Sol stolen from Phantom wallet

Hey there, is there anyway to retrive my sol?
its gone from phantom wallet i checked and and its says its transferd to GwZLDJ8FcRDLdnuvpQggFM6d7SfesTQMJAkD2DRFb7Zp him or her, seems like they get alot of sol
also they got one of my nfs ( metabaes ) bought it just a hour before. went to make some lunch and looked at magic eden and my wallet is drained… didnt approve anything all just gone.
something i can do to get it back?

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Hi @feelix and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Unfortunately it sounds like you got hacked and there’s no way to recover the SOL or NFTs. Sorry about that! :confused:

The most common ways people get their wallets hacked seem to be by using malicious, fake wallets such as mobile Sollet or Solflare apps that aren’t actually made by Sollet or Solflare.

Otherwise it could have been from malware on your computer or something like that.

In the future I recommend using a Ledger hardware wallet and only putting your seed phrase into the ledger device. Then you can connect your ledger to typical wallets such as Phantom on the PC and other mobile wallets. Using the ledger will protect your wallet and stop any transfers from happening without you physically pushing the buttons your your ledger device to confirm the transaction.

This won’t stop all hacks, for instance if you connected to a malicious website and you approved the transaction on your ledger, not knowing that it would scam you, but it will stop anything from being done without you approving of the transaction yourself.

Again, I’m so sorry about your lost tokens. Good luck if you continue with crypto in the future!

Bro i litterly got the same this dude scammed me i dont know how but he ripped all my nft’s and sol what a douchebag

i’m sorry mate, very bad to hear this things.

He did?! Don’t understand how you can just steal other people’s hard work!
Like I wasent even by the pc so don’t know how he manage!

Yeah after 17 days this piece of shit can still scam someone. Before u ask people i didn’t share my any shit with no one and i was not on a risky website. I just transferred solana to my phantom wallet, after few seconds all my solanas are gone. And this mf keep still steal something.

Dude! Same shit happend to me yesterday! Was gonna mint the Ballon thing so transfered 1 sol and 1 minute after all my new nft’s where gone and my sol… Don’t know how this is possible? Do you thing changing the phrase should do it?

Dude, I faced the same issue as you right now. All my Sol in phantom wallet and nfts were stolen and they are transferred to the same address as you mentioned (GwZLDJ8FcRDLdnuvpQggFM6d7SfesTQMJAkD2DRFb7Zp) I do not know what can I do.

yeah same dude just got me yesterday phantom is no good