Solana and the MyCryptoCheckout wordpress Plugin

Hello all!

I was wondering if anyone knows why solana isn’t added to the MyCryptoCheckout Plugin for wordpress?

I emailed the plugin developer and he said that solana didn’t respond or have a public api?

Is this true? (the api part)

I’'m building a product with solana NFTs and this plugin and now I can take payment in literally almost any token (200+) but solana… but want to mint NFTs on solana. So I don’t know what to do.

Is there any way to connect with the solana team and chat about this?

Thank you for the help.


No, Solana has a public RPC API. It may be necessary, depending on your project to run your own RPC API server or pay an existing service to run one for you, but there is absolutely a public API that can be interacted with from any programming language or the browser.

I don’t know of a good way to connect with the Solana team themselves. For technical questions you can reach out on Discord, and I’m happy to attempt to answer any questions here on the forum.

Maybe you could send the plugin developer a link to the API docs?

Solana does have a public API, so it would appear that your developer is wrong.

There is a solana discord. I also know how to use the Solana API to send SOL between accounts and more. I’d be happy to chat over email ( or on this forum!

my discord is usernameusername#8020 if you prefer discord

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