Solana cli passphrase

What does this actually mean:

“This file contains your unencrypted keypair. In fact, even if you specify a password, that password applies to the recovery seed phrase, not the file.”
File System Wallet | Solana Docs

What does apply to the recovery seed phrase mean?

What is the password actually for when it does not encrypt anything?

In relation to what is my security worse when I do not use this optional passphrase?

Sry for that many questions, but the docs do not explain anything in regards to that matter.

Thank you very much.

I also tried to ask in the Discord, but nobody answered, I hope to find some help here.

Hi Man,
i read the article and the file you create following the method described in the article is basically without password. So if some one get the file will be able to hack your wallet, because in the file you have the private key of that specific address not encrypted. The only part that passord is protecting and not state in clear in the file is Seed. From the seed you can generate several different private key for several different wallet address.
This is what i get from the article… i hope this may help you.

Btw what are you trying to do? if you need just a wallet definitely you don’t have to use a file system wallet, there way much better wallet and more secure solutions. ( also easier to use )

Solana does not have that many open source solutions that why I need the cli. The main wallet solutions are not open source (Phantom and so on). I’ll definitely not use anything that is not open source in the crypto space, because this requires even more trust then for a bank.

am i wrong or Sollet is open source?

yes, but sollet is pretty limited (for example no offline signing) and to be honest I do not like it at all it does not feel very nice compared to other wallets, but maybe that’s just me :slight_smile: