Solana coins not credited

Hello there, I’m in a metal distress today I transferred funds from my USDT BINANCE account to my KRAKEN SOLANA account using my kraken solana address. Now its been 4 hours and the funds haven’t been credited.pls advise

Hi @Welly195 ,

I have seen numerous reports of people having problems specifically with Binance not either sending or receiving funds.

So far, users have been able to contact Binance support and get their funds back, but it can take about a week for Binance to get back to you.

I recommend contacting Binance support, and possibly Kraken support as well.

I also recommend possibly switching to using a different exchange than Binance. The amount of problems I’ve seen users have with Binance, at least with their Solana offering, has been ridiculous and it’s quite unprofessional in my opinion.