Solana crypto lost

I sent sol from my Binance to trust wallet.
Why there is 2 different pages for the same wallet address?

In a recent case, I copied the address then send it.




In this case, I typed the address.

The addresses seem to be similar but I did not receive these values.

not received





What do you think is the problem and why did I not receive the amount?

How can I recover this?

the addresses are different. Addresses are case sensitive.

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yeah, tnx alot, now I can see that “k”.
what happens now? am I lost my sol tokens?

I’m not sure… your tokens belong to that account now. You would somehow have to transfer them back to your account but I doubt you have access to that other account.

I also sent a token to an address and the receiver still hasn’t received even after 4 days.what can I do please

Check if the address was correct. If the address was correct (including case), then seek help in another thread. Odds are that you sent the SOL to a different address and there is no way for you to get your tokens back, without the other account sending them back to you, unfortunately.

Always triple check any addresses you type in by hand, but use copy paste whenever possible! You can also use wallets where you can save addresses and reuse them.

I had exact problem on Friday and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how letter “E” was missing.