Solana has a scam problem

I am sure many of you have noticed that there are quite a lot of them on here and Solana doesn’t seem to mind letting them run free…

If you lost your sol, There is no one on the planet who can get it back for you except for the person who owns the wallet you sent it to. No one on these forums is that person, or at least won’t admit it.

If you connect your wallet to a website and sign a transaction, make sure that you understand EXACTLY what the transaction is, or that you trust the website. There are a lot of “Free” NTF websites that will just steal all the sol in your wallet…

If you set up a wallet with a legitimate provider or through the solana cli, there is nothing you need to do to “validate” or “sync” or “connect to a database” or anything else! If someone suggests you connect your wallet to the network, they are trying to steal your money.

Latest scam I have seen on here is where they redirect you to a website that looks a whole lot like the forums. right now it’s called “forumssolana dot tech”, but they could easily change it to something else, and have a chat box in the corner to try and make you think .tech is an official channel. IT IS A SCAM!

It would be awesome if someone from solana would pin something at the top of the forum, so at least less people are getting scammed on the official solana forum… @ansi09 @zicklag Do either of you know who could do something like that?

@dominic Please, Solana is an amazing project but people are being driven away because they are loosing hundreds of dollars on the solana forums… look we all know crypto is still the wild wild west in a lot of ways, but at least warn users that you won’t contact them asking them to “sync their token holders” after a “database upgrade” …

I’m not a moderator in here so i can’t do anything about that.
Anyone with the least crypto knowledge should know that anyone who DM you first offering help / support should be considered as a SCAMMER. You can’t protect all people’s wallets if they interact with anyone giving them a link, they should have the minimum crypto knowledge not to fall into those silly SCAMS.

Ok, thought I would ask. Thanks for replying so quickly :slight_smile:
I understand where you are coming from, but where are they supposed to get that minimum crypto knowledge? I at least, was not born knowing the dangers of handing out a seed phrase of signing a transaction for a “free NFT”. I was fortunate enough to learn through others mistakes, but wouldn’t it help everyone get to that minimum knowledge a lot faster if the official forums (where lots of newbies turn for help) made mention of it somewhere? That’s all I’m saying.

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Yeah, a banner at the top of the forum that only shows once for new users and can be dismissed by the user would be appropriate, I believe. I too wish there was something we could do to combat the ignorance people have when getting into crypto.

I think a lot of the problem is that people nowadays are not trained to look out for themselves. They are baked into the mindset that the government, their ISP, the news, Facebook, Google, etc. will look out for them. When they get into crypto they just don’t realize they really do have to look out for themselves, and that gets them into trouble when somebody claims that they can “help” them.

Unfortunately I’ve not got admin access to the forum, though I’ve contact the Solana Collective and all the forum admins to try and get access so that I could help moderate and organize the forum.

It seems like the forum has been abandoned for at least the last ~5 months by the Solana admins for some reason.

I would say that is accurate. People not bothering to look out for themselves. Lots of people are learning hard lessons with crypto, I just would like for those hard lessons to not be so prevalent on the official forums… Maybe they all quit? That happens sometimes.

Yeah, absolutely. I’ve thought about creating a crypto learning site, but there’s all kinds of crypto learning sites around already, so I’m not sure if yet another one would actually help. I don’t know what the best option is really.

I’m not sure. I think a lot of them were big names in Solana. I feel like they might have all just moved to Discord, maybe, but I also didn’t get a reply from the Solana Collective application I submitted, so I’m not sure if they’re just not having time for their community channels right now or something.