Solana is dead?

I don’t see relevant topics or opinions to improve solana, I’m new, I was searching days ago and the only thing I see are spam topics from companies/bots that offer services or scams… Where are the humans in this forum?

No. It’s still number 3 coin in Binance exchnager so how will you say it’s dead. I will suggest you to trade this at Binance or FreshForex since both of them are good.

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How can it be that the official solana forum only has advertising and fraud? no debates, improvements, opinions, developers question… WTF will they have another forum?

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Confirmed :triangular_flag_on_post:

The solana forum is dead :skull_and_crossbones:

I told the Discourse to send me email with a weekly summary: which is how I saw your message.

Solana is not dead, but one thing that makes it look that way is that the Solana Foundation has abandoned this forum to spammers and declined even to hire a minimum wager or intern to provide moderation. It’s like they want to insult the potentially growing community and drive down the price of the asset itself… what a shame. :sweat:

I’ve even offered to do this moderation myself as a volunteer, and probably would have if there were even a glimmer of interest from the ultimate owners of the Discourse. In all my grubby experiences with crypto I find the treatment of this “Solana Forum” to be the most unprofessional and negligent. :face_with_head_bandage:


I left solana and entered the ICP forum, the feedback from the developers is incredible, a lot of activity and good vibes.