Solana Network Airdrop Event

I want to ask question, i seed by twitter about Solana Network Airdrop event on telegram, is that correct or not?

How much money have you lost with it?

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I’m not really on twitter or Telegram, etc, but I would just be very careful if you ever interact with such events. Be careful, never approve transactions you aren’t 100% sure about, look for warnings from Phantom and wait to see the estimated balance changes before approving transactions.

Never give anybody your seed phrase, and never give them your private key.

I’d assume it’s not legitimate, but again, I’m not on those networks so I wouldn’t know for sure.

Thanks for your information

Sir, please check this, can you give me some valid information of this event?

Hi there, I’m not really connected in any way to Solana and I don’t follow twitter or telegram for events, so I don’t know whether or not it’s legitimate.

Just be very careful if you’re not absolutely sure about anything.

I thought this forum connected to any event of solana projects sir

I didnt received distributed airdrop yet, need some valid information, because there are no connected like groups or etcs

But the date of distributed was started

No, the forum has not had any activity from the Solana foundation for at least the last few months. Honestly, other than users asking questions and me being active here, the forum is almost abandoned.

There’s been no official activity here for a while I don’t think.

Yeah, I don’t know where you would get any official information on that. Honestly, I kind of doubt they are doing any SOL airdrops anymore, but I don’t really know. :man_shrugging: