Solana Pay Question

I have some questions about how Solana Pay works.
Where can I post these questions?

The forum is a great place for questions that I know the answer to, but because I’m the only person really answering questions here so Discord is the best place for technical questions that I can’t answer.

I’m not sure what Solana Pay is, I haven’t heard of it, but if it’s a 3rd party project then the folks on Discord might not want to answer questions on it either, unless it’s officially affiliated with Solana.

That doesn’t leave a lot of good places to go. :confused:

Do you want to explain to me what it is, and I might have ideas on how it could work? Probably not a great option, but I thought I’d ask. :man_shrugging:

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Solana Pay is an official Solana project. It’s under the Solana-labs GitHub org: GitHub - solana-labs/solana-pay: A new standard for decentralized payments. and it also has a #solana-pay channel in the official discord.

Your best places for asking questions will probably be the GitHub issues or the discord.


Cool! Thanks for the link @callum.m ! :+1:

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Thanks to both of you for your help.
I appreciate it!

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