Solana Rust BPF toolchain is not available on Windows

I’ve been working through the following blog, which is provided on the Solana Developer site for beginners: Programming on Solana - An Introduction | paulx

I ran into my first issue, when attempting to build the code with the following command: “cargo build-bpf”. As the title to this thread states, I received the following error message: “Solana Rust BPF toolchain is not available on Windows”. In this regard, I am indeed, using Windows. I can’t seem to find any information that would help me get passed this error. As per the blog, I was able to successfully install the Solana Tool suite, which does have a section for instructions on how to install within Windows. Does anyone know if this is an error by design or an error on my part? Any help with troubleshooting this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!

You may want to try following the Linux instructions inside of a WSL ( Windows Subsystem for Linux ) terminal. That way it is actually built and tested on a Linux virtual machine, which should work fine.

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