Solana Safety 101: Community List of Scam and Safe Sites

Hey folks! I just discovered this useful site for double-checking Solana websites against a community list of scam sites.

As best practice, always do your own research and be wary of trusting anybody, but this could be a useful resource.


Although the website comes up as Safe, the Community channel links may have been hacked - the Support channel on Telegram directed me to “validate” my wallet address, another term for “get us your pass phrase do that we can drain your wallet”.

I’ve seen something similar on Solana Telegram, but the number one rule is never reply to direct messages. I believe that is support channel is a bot that waits for people to sign up and then direct messages you. It isn’t “hacked” most-likely, it’s just something that anybody on Telegram has the power to do.

Unfortunately, on Discord, many servers do use bots to perform a sort of captcha before allowing you to access the channels, which kind of goes against the “don’t reply to direct messages” rule.

My recommendation is never, under any circumstance, give anybody your private key or seed phrase no support official, even a real one, will ever need it. And rarely, and only under extreme scrutiny, use a wallet or app you have never used before. People will point you to websites and apps that will steal your funds.

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This is another scam site, I was scammed yesterday, I sent 1.29 Sol from my binance account to the address of this site, I spoke to the exchange and they can’t do anything, what is certain is that it was through the coinmarket on live solana chat that I saw a post, and I believed it, it was me and several people scammed, Can you help me please? Thank you

Hi @MacGomez and welcome to the forum. :wave:

I’m sorry you got scammed! :confused:

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that anybody can do to help you get your tokens back. Once they’re transferred there’s no way to reverse the transaction. Sorry about that.

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Thank you friend for the quick response, unfortunately I believed, we learn from mistakes anyway thank you for helping

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Hello guys, the same scam scheme with different adress, is happening right now on cmc live solana chat please be carefull!

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be careful clicking on those links - you can get malware

solana you can check this site for tracking. I’ve been following for a long time and they have very nice graphics systems.