Solana "Soft Launch" network announcement/invite!

Hi All,

We’re announcing and requesting your help/support with our “soft-launch” network! While Tour de SOL is a critical part of stress testing our network, there are many elements involved in launching a functioning network which fall outside of that immediate scope.

To that end, we want to simulate the genesis launch process and keep a 3rd party-hosted, high-uptime network available for partner integration. We’re referring to this network as the SLP1.1 network (soft-launch phase 1.1). We had our first successful test launch (SLP1) in December and now we’d like to run the launch process again with a larger group of validators. That’s where you come in!

SLP1.1 what is it?

  • The SLP1.1 network is being used to:
    • Test the genesis launch process with 3rd party validators
    • Provide a reliable ‘development network’ for partner integrations
    • Create and practice upgrade processes and communications between the Solana Foundation and the community
  • Network properties:
    • No inflation. i.e. no inflationary rewards (see below for participation compensation)
    • Transaction fees set to zero
    • Once a validator joins the network, an equal amount of testnet tokens will be delegated from the Community pool to each validator, no additional delegations are allowed, or needed because of the lack of inflation, so additionally…
    • Commission rates are set to zero
    • The network/ledger will be rebooted/reset as we develop the network with non-compatible upgrades
    • Initial network will be idling - i.e. relatively low throughput. No GPUs needed at this stage (save them for Tour de SOL)!
    • SLP1.1 will be launched with v0.22.3 (to be released before Mon 1/13)
  • What to expect:
    • This isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it network. For validators interested in joining (see below for qualifications), we expect responsiveness when bugs are discovered or upgrades are required.
      • At a minimum all validators should be available via Discord within a 24 hour period.

Compensation information

  • Participating validators will be compensated with tokens for their service
    • 5k SOL tokens per month (with 1-year lockup) will be vested per validator, if monthly SLA is satisfied
      • SLA: 99.5% relative uptime (# slots voted / # of slots available in given month)
      • If uptime requirement isn’t satisfied Solana can stop token vesting and/or remove delegation (i.e. remove validator from leader rotation)
      • A performance requirement may also be added in the future
    • To participate in SLP1.1 and receive compensation, validators must go through registration process (see below)
    • We will be reviewing SLP1.1 performance on a quarterly basis and will notify participants of their performance as to their monthly vesting

Registration Information

  • At this time this is only being offered to Validators who have participated in at least one of the Tour de SOL Dry Runs to date. You’ve all been a major help to getting us to where we are today, and we hope that you continue supporting us on this as well.
  • Process:
    • To register, follow the registration process in CoinList here:
      • Registration is open to most US and foreign individuals. Individuals from the following regions are excluded from participating: New York State, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, India, Vietnam, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, and the Crimea Region.
      • Foreign entities will be allowed to participate on a case by case basis.
      • If you have previously gone through KYC/AML on CoinList for Tour de SOL, you should be taken directly to the SLP participation agreement when you visit the link above
        • Please be sure to use your previous details to match the account that has already been verified.
      • Note that our participation agreement for SLP1.1 also includes the agreement for Tour de SOL. This is so we don’t have to ask future SLP1 participants who have not registered for TdS to go through two registrations.
    • Following registration, a member from our team will be in touch to have you complete the necessary follow-up paperwork. This may include w9/w8 forms, a Prenotice for a 701 (service) token distribution, and a restricted token unit agreement. These documents will be distributed via docusign with more info/details as they are needed.

Important dates:

  • Registration - ASAP (see above for details)
  • Validator roundtable:
    • For more information, we’ll be hosting two Roundtable meetings this week
      • Thurs 1/9 at 10am PST
      • Thurs 1/9 at 10pm PST (Friday 1/10 at 2pm GMT+8) this one is good for folks in Asia :slight_smile:
    • Keep an eye out for these invites
  • Pubkey collection
    • Please generate/treat this key as if they are the real deal - we want this network launch test to be as rigorous as possible.
    • Submit public key information HERE by Tues Jan 14th, 5pm PST
  • Genesis test launch
    • Genesis launch meetings (join whichever fits your TZ best)
      • Thurs 1/16 at 9am PST
      • Thurs 1/16 at 10pm PST (Fri 1/17 at 2pm GMT+8)
    • Invite details and info needed for ‘ceremony’ to be provided after initial CoinList registration and receipt of public keys.

Next steps

  • In summary, to participate on Monday you need to:
  1. Register via CoinList link
  2. Submit a validator public key
  3. Look out for invite to SLP1.1 kickoff meeting on Monday!
  4. Keep an eye out for additional registration documents

Lots of info here so feel free to join and send questions to #slp-validators Discord channel!


To allow a little more time to collect public keys and to get the registration started, we’ve updated the Important Dates above. Namely:

  • Pubkey collection deadline from Fri 1/10 to ** Tues 1/14 by 5pm PST** and
  • Genesis launch meetings moved from Mon to Thurs 1/16, specifically:
    • Thurs 1/16 at 9am PST
    • Thurs 1/16 at 10pm PST (Fri 1/17 at 2pm GMT+8)