Solana SPL Token Transfer fee or tax fee

in certain tokens in others blockchains . People selling/buying/transferring the tokens will be hit by a 10% or more penalty tax fee on the transactions . Some of the collected tax fees are distributed .

  • To holders
  • Reward pool: Some of the tokens received as tax fee and another coin (BNB, BUSD, ETH, etc) are taken. And these coins are distributed proportionally to the holders.
  • Burn: Some of the tokens cut as a tax fee are burned.
  • Add liquidity pool: Tokens deducted as tax fee are added to the liquidity pool.
  • Marketing and dev wallet

can developers do that with SPL token in solana blockchain ???

Hi @ghazanfar and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I’m pretty certain that you can’t do that with SPL tokens, because the SPL Token contract specifically allows transferring tokens from one address to another with no strings attached, so to speak.

You could create you own custom kind of token that isn’t an SPL token that could do that, but then only your app and other apps that supported your custom token would be able to send the token and display the balance, because existing Solana wallets only display SPL tokens.

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okay thanks for your help man

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Hey ghazanfar i am also working on a similar project lets get connect together so we can have more productivity and useful discussions

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Hi @AbuBakar672 and @ghazanfar did you find a way to do that with SPL token?