Solana suspended on Binance

I can’t transfer SOL from Binance to my Phantom wallet. It says that Solana is suspended. How can I solve this? How long until this gets solved?

Hi @thomasmosley27 and welcome to the forum! :wave:

A quick check of the Solana Beach status page shows that the Solana network is operating fine.

I’m not sure what Binance means. It seems like maybe it’s blocking Solana transactions for some reason. You’d have to contact Binance support to see what they say.

Thanks @zicklag ! I’ve contacted them and they said they’re resolving it. If anyone knows how long this problem usually takes, please tell me.

I’m not sure, I haven’t heard of this issue before.

As a recommendation, though, I would suggest using a different exchange than Binance for Solana if that is an option for you in the future. I have seen numerous users on this forum and on Reddit that have issues when sending or receiving SOL or other Solana-based tokens. So far I think all the users who have had issues were able to get their funds back after contacting Binance support, but it can take up to a week for support to get back to you.

Binance just seems very un-reliable at least when it comes to interacting with the Solana network. It’s not Solana’s fault, Binance just seems to be buggy or something. It seems very unprofessional to me how often Binance will fail Solana transactions.

Thank you, again! I was thinking about doing that, and if this does continue, I probably will. I just really don’t want to have SO MANY different accounts on exchanges and SO MANY different wallets. If I was to sing up to another exchange, which one would you recommend? FTX?

Yeah, I know what you mean. It can be troublesome to manage your portfolio across multiple apps.

Personally I use Solana pretty much exclusively because of the low transaction fees, and I use decentralize exchanges and swaps instead of centralized ones, so I don’t know for sure what’s a good centralized exchange yet. I keep all my money in a ledger hardware wallet and use Phantom for browser apps.

I’ve used just a tiny bit and it’s worked so far. The company seems somewhat cool from their website, but I haven’t really seen enough to know for sure.

I’ve been meaning to look into FTX, but haven’t gotten to it yet.

Just in case it’s useful to you, here are some of the tools I tend to use in Solana:

  • Portfolio viewer:
    • Pretty nice app that can show you your holdings across multiple different Defi apps if you are into Defi
  • Swap tool:
    • Really nice swapping tool that I highly recommend. It uses a growing collection of decentralized exchanges to perform swaps and selects whichever ones provide the best price.
  • Price watch:
    • Great site for watching coin prices. Favorite the ones you want to watch and you get pretty nice feed. Comparable to Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. Doesn’t do candle charts, but otherwise is more customizable.
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Solana seems congested when try to wthdraw&deposit at binance since 2-3 weeks …is this gonna handle or sth happening with sol-binance or ther exchanges?