Solana Test Validator. Speed up transaction finalizing

Hi Solana Team.

We’ve been using the Solana test validator for some time. It’s a very convenient way to run tests. Cool thing! As you know each transaction becomes finalized after some valuable time. It could be 30 seconds for example. Suppose we have a test with complex logic including several transactions. It would run a long time. In our case, it is not practical to spend a big time on tests execution.

Solana test validator is the only validator in a cluster. In our specific case, we don’t check validators’ interaction inside a cluster.

The question. Is there a way to speed up transaction finalizing? It could be some startup parameters, allowing to tune the speed of the test validator. Like block-size or slot-length or some other. What do you think?

Thank you.

You might be able to find more info from a developer on the Solana Discord, but another option is to use the Solana testnet for testing your app.

In testnet you can get airdrops for whatever SOL you need for deployments, but it runs on infrastructure more similar to the high-performance Solana mainnet-beta, so it might be a lost faster than the local test validator.

Yes, thank you for the answer, but we have to work in a closed environment (from the public internet).

Maybe you just need to wait for transaction confirmation, instead of finalization, like mentioned in this thread?

I don’t have permission to write in Discrod channels…

transaction confirmation is a good way, but not all our scenarios are fit for confirmation. Some of them depend on transaction finalization, so I’m looking for other possibilities

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