Solana to BNB network

Hi guys! I’ve just wrongly sent 12 sol to BEP20 wallet, and of course there is 0 BNB. How can I recover my funds? Please help :((

Correction 16 sols :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::sob::sob::sob:

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Unfortunately there’s no way to get your funds back, they are trapped in a wallet that nobody has the key for. Sorry for your loss! :confused:

Hi! Thanks for your reply. But just to make sure that I get it right by “nobody has the the key” you mean impossibility of the recovery? Because I sent the funds from my binance account to my BEP20 wallet (to which I have the seed phrase). I’d just read articles how people were able to recover ERC tokens from BNB network, using multi-crypto compatible wallets like MetaMask for example, and I just thought it’s also possible in my case =(((


The issue is that even though you have the seed phrase, your BNB seed phrase wouldn’t generate the same Solana address ( there’s a very small chance I’m wrong, but I’m 99% sure ) because Solana uses a different kind of key cryptography.

So there’s no way for anybody to get the key for the Solana version of the BNB address you sent the funds to.

there is no way, man. It is just lost. Sorry.