Solana tool suite installation error

I went through solana documentation process of installing the cli
so I got these error when trying to install solana tool suite on windows
running this command differently

curl --output C:\solana-install-tmp\solana-install-init.exe --create-dirs

C:\solana-install-tmp\solana-install-init.exe v1.9.2

I got these result respectively

"Curl’ is not recognized as internal or external command, operable or batch file.

The system can not find the path specified

Any solution toward this please i will really appreciate.

Hi @jeremiah3230jeremiah and welcome to the forum! :wave:

It looks like curl is not installed. Curl is just a program to download files so instead of using that you can manually create the directory C:\solana-install-tmp and then Download the file at the link ( ) and put it in that folder.

After that, you can continue following the instructions.

thanks so much Zicklag , i will get back to you soon.

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