Solana Validators Performance | Skip Rate

Hello friends, the second part of the Solana validators performance research is here.

In this part, we analyzed the dynamics of the block skip rate by epochs among all validators of the Solana network. The report also demonstrates the influence of such factors as the duration of node downtime, Solana node software version, data center location and concentration as well as potential memory leaks during continuous operation without validator restarts or software updates.

In general, it can be argued that the efforts of Solana and the community over the past 4 months have resulted in a dramatic drop in the average skip rate for both the superminority and supermajority groups of validators.

Understanding the factors influencing skip rate and estimation of their impact is very important for future work on increasing the overall performance of the Solana network.

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

The skip rate data analyzed is available through the public Redash dashboard.

Full Downtime Analysis you can find here

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