| The best way to get clean & anonymous Solana | Solana Tumbler/Mixer

We would like to introduce you to, the first real mixer/tumbler for Solana.

You can use our service to clean & anonymize your Solana since as we all know Solana’s blockchain is public. We don’t store any logs of past mixing jobs.
Our fee is around 2.5%, we don’t have a fixed fee so it’s harder for your SOL to be tracked back to our service.
We give you full control of the delay you wish to use, which ranges from 1 day to 1 month.

Try us out! The minimum mixing amount is 1 SOL and maximum at the moment is 10,000, though these may change in the future.

Click here to visit Solana Mixer.
Happy mixing! -SolanaMixer Team

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Mixed in total prolly more than 300 SOL at this point myself, had no issues.
Really nice solana mixer (especially since all other ones aren’t real lol) and i’m happy with the fees too since they aren’t too high

Yeah right, well I’m still waiting for my 5 sol I sent your scam website to be mixed.

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I tried to mix 50+ SOL and never got it back. It’s been a week.
SCAM !!!