Solanus - P2E Gameverse

Solanus is a gameverse with multiple addictive and thrilling 3D multiplayer games where people will be able to play against real people for a chance to win $SOL. Every two weeks the game will be updated with new maps and competitions, stay tuned!

SEASON 1 - Try not to fall…

Solanus season 1 prepared for you challenging falling game, principle is very simple - Be the last one before all the Hex are gone! Run, pick up bricks, build bridges. Develop smart strategies to outwit your opponents! Keep calm and remember - DO NOT FALL!

Before the start of the competition, people deposit a certain amount of $SOL which after the end of the competition will be divided among the first 3 places. Maximum number of participants in each round is 6! There will be no power-ups to ensure fair game between all players!

Will you be the last one standing?