Solend staked USDC not in Phantom Wallet

Hi Everybody

I had contributed with some 500 USDC for the SOLEND initial IDO , I have redeemed the SLND yesterday but they don’t show up in my Phantom wallet, the one that i used for applying for the IDO,

What should I do, why do they do not show up in my wallet since i cant see them anymore the solend dashboard.

see Atachment

Please can you help me in this regard,

Thank you

P.S. the Phantom wallet has not been compromised because I have other assets there that are okay not hacked,

see attachment,

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Hi @luger75 and welcome to the forum! :wave:

I haven’t heard of SOLEND before, so I don’t know anything about the platform, but are you sure that SOLEND is a legitimate platform?

If you are confident that they are, I would recommend contacting SOLEND support, or maybe somebody on the Solana Discord would know, as it is more active than this forum, but as always:

:warning: Warning: Telegram and Discord and other messaging platforms are a haven for people trying to scam you. Never give anybody your seed phrase or private key. Even support officials and admins will never ask for your seed phrase or private key. And never use a wallet app that you have not used before if somebody asks you to. They will fake a real wallet and use the fake wallet to steal all of your tokens.

PS: Also, I don’t see any attachment to your post :thinking:.

I have the same problem, its a legitimate project. If you check Radium it will show your Solend as an available balance to swap (that was comforting to me). I’m still trying to figure out how to get it to show in the phantom wallet

Maybe see if Phantom lets you add Solend as a token type. Will Phantom even show you that you have 0 Solend or anything like that?

In the phantom wallet customer service # ticket queries, they told me to reach out to the Solend Dapp section or technical support to address this.

Thus far I can’t put SLND in my Phanton wallet . and the USDC don’t show appear

I will keep you informed and will keep searching in the web,


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