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How do you sync solflare app with desktop wallet?

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If you export your seed phrase from Solflare ( keep it safe! ), you should be able to use that seed phrase to import your wallet into a desktop wallet. If that works, then both wallets should automatically stay in sync, as long as you are connected to the internet and can get to the blockchain.

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I set up the wallet on my desktop via Ledger and successfully transferred my coins over from coinbase. Is there a way to export a seed phrase from the desktop version so I can restore/sync this to the phone app? I can see my SOL on the desktop, but my phone app wallet is empty. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Wait! I don’t know that Solflare has a real mobile app. At the very least I’ve heard of users who got scammed by a fake Solflare mobile app.

Really carefully check that app to make sure it’s legitimate!

Otherwise, you might be able to add your wallet to your mobile app using your Ledger wallet, too. Look for an “import” button or a “connect hardware wallet” or something like that.