Solflare DEX Convert feature unsuccessful

Hello I tried using the Convert feature on the Solflare DEX and it didn’t work. I tried swapping 0.25 SOL for SRM. I had already minted a SRM wallet and deposited 1 SRM. The SOL was withdrawn from my account but there’s no SRM showing up.

What has gone wrong?

Ok, figured out what went wrong. The DEX wasn’t showing the Settle All Funds. So this transaction never made it to my SRM account because the funds weren’t settled. And they weren’t settled because the option wasn’t showing up on the screen. The way I noticed this was leaving the DEX, coming back, and then just waiting about 10 minutes. It eventually showed up and I was able to Settle. It looks like a web page display issue. Also I was getting a lot of Errors on the left hand side of the screen.