Solflare HACKED

I want to say to you that the portofolio of solana solflare is completely hacked for lot of persons and I want to recover my 60 Sol
Thanks for responding

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HI @Ramzi and welcome to the forum. :wave:

If you have evidence of a security flaw in Solflare then you should contact Solflare through their official channels.

I’m so sorry your funds were stolen. Unfortunately, once stolen, there’s no way to return the funds.

It may be that you used a fake version of the Solflare app that would steal your funds. Where did you get the Solflare app that you used?

In the future I highly recommend using a Ledger hardware wallet. If you make sure that your seed phrase is only ever put on your ledger and some form of physical backup like an engraved piece of steel, nobody will ever be able to spend your money without you pushing those two buttons on your ledger device, even if Solflare was hacked or your computer had a bunch of malware on it.

Obviously that doesn’t help funds that have already been stolen, but if you continue to use crypto, hopefully that will help.

Sorry again about your lost funds!

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Thanks my friend
Warm regards