Solflare Wallet is not showing or sharing my USDC

Hello community. I just tried using for the first time to transfer USDC from Ethereum (using MetaMask) to my Solana Solflare Chrome Extension wallet. I use my Ledger hardware wallet to store the private keys for these wallets. The first part of the transfer from Ethereum to the wormholebridge went through with no problem. I was then prompted to create a token account for USDC in my Solflare wallet and that also worked. Was that a mistake?

I then got stuck on the “Redeem tokens” step, which kept producing an error message. After trying lots of stuff (logging in and out of my wallet , my Ledger, changing the Solana app settings in my Ledger, clearing my browser cache and cookies…), the error message finally disappeared and my “Redeem tokens” transaction was executed.

Now my Solflare Chrome Extension wallet shows I have two assets: Solana, and A9mUU4qviSctJVPJdBJWkb28deg915LYJKrzQ19ji3FM. The amount of A9mUU4qviSctJVPJdBJWkb28deg915LYJKrzQ19ji3FM shown is the same as the amount of USDC I attempted to transfer from Ethereum. However, when I connect my wallet to other Solana apps, they can only detect my SOL balance and not my USDC.

How do I get my wallet to show and share my USDC balance?