Solflare website hacked ? Scammer links from Community instead?

Hi everyone

I bought quite a few Solana yesterday and was excited to join the community. So I went to the from page of the website and clicked on the Community links to join some general discussion.

The link for Discord says it has expired, so couldn’t join that group.

The link for Telegram gave me 60 seconds to solve a phrase, and I couldn’t understand what they were asking me to do. It timed out but left a message for me to contact support.

I clicked the link and instantly someone started chatting with me. They said to me that to join the community I needed to validate my account actually has Solana in it, and stepped me through a validation process.

As I was sleepy at the time, I blindly followed the directions of the chat support, and gave my pass phrase to them, and an associated QR code.

Unknowingly, this provided them access to my account and they drained the funds immediately. Then haven’t tried to communicate with me since.

I’ll include screenshots of the conversation later, for evidence if required.

Can someone check the links under Wayfinding on the website for this ? Especially Telegram and Discord

Also, can someone check the transaction to see where the Solana ended up ?

Is there a chance of recovery ? The “Support” channel seems to be a fake / scammer.

Hi @surefireweb and welcome to the forum. :wave:

Unfortunately there’s not really any chance of getting your funds back. Once a scammer has transferred tokens, they have 100% ownership of them, and even if we know their wallet address, we can’t do anything about it.

Once I get the chance I’ll double-check the wayfinding links, but I’m pretty sure they’re fine.

Unfortunately, scammers are abundant on Discord and they will private message you, posing as a support team. In the future, never reply to private messages. It is the #1 technique used on Discord to scam people.

I’m so sorry you lost your funds!