Sollet io withdrawal error dont know where my usdc go.. Pls help

I was withdrawing usdc from my Sollet io wallet i choosed erc-20 usdc network and connected my metamask and i put the huobi deposit erc-20 usdc adress but my transaction got completely weird. I dont know how when i choose erc-20 usdc network my withdrawl becomes spl usdc20. Can someone help me about the withdraw issue i dont know where has it gone. my usdc went to this adress FBUKfg7Thx4WDM4ATehJe1xWzuGtMk1myXhRSvuSq19h it shows this but i wanted it to go 0x7036634a2a37d5318baacb24a28c3e29baca043c erc 20 usdc i would really appreciate some help i’m completely lost this money is my one month salary :frowning:

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Hi @cnytakn and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Sorry I missed this topic! Looking into it…

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So I think your tokens were transferred to the Sollet bridge wallet, which is where they are supposed to go at first. After those tokens enter the Sollet bridge wallet, a separate process is supposed to transfer equivalent tokens to your Metamask wallet. You won’t be able to see that transfer on the Solana explorer.

Unfortunately I haven’t used the Sollet bridge myself yet so I don’t have a lot of insight, but you may have to reach out to the Serum project’s Discord channel ( Serum is the one who creates and operates the Sollet wallet ).

We’ve got another user who had this issue in reverse: Lost USDT from metamask to sollet using solana bridge

And another user who was able to solve it by contacting the team: Lost 5k usdc convertation - #12 by Disheg

Hopefully contacting support will help resolve it.

Sorry about all your trouble!

This doesn’t help now, but in the future you may want to use the Wormhole bridge instead of the bridge built into Sollet. So far it has worked well for me and I haven’t seen any users mention their funds getting stuck in it yet.

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