Sollet Wallet Restore problem

Hi, i have a problem with sollet wallet. I restored my wallet with seed words then my wallet opened but my coins balance was zero other than solana, there were nearly 500 Saber, 58 Crp, 5400 Samo, 15 Port. Restore time is on 2 september. This is really a big money for me, please help me.
My Wallet adress is 4DcLryCzrR2RCW59WvAmQhyMyuYR9bpL7jZpuniAhPGa .

This is a fake ticket ID and a fake solana suppport site.

Isn’t that right, @Marc_dentea (who joined the forum eight hours ago)?

Waiting for your reply …

which solana wallet did you use to buy the tokens? was it sollet or phantom or what? you have to restore the same wallet as the wallet you created with. if you created and buy with sollet do not restore to phantom or you will have issues.