Sollet wallet was stolen

hi, it was transferred from my sollet wallet to another wallet without my knowledge last sunday. The next day, due to the problem in the solana network, I could not access the wallet. $3.6k transferred. what should I do? I have never shared my password anywhere and I have never shared my password anywhere. i connected raydium, intersola and solanium

​my wallet:4Czm9NZNs7YAqfZKH2B9FXBhgoraGtxd7UE1v6BveE5Z
​to transfered wallet:FBUKfg7Thx4WDM4ATehJe1xWzuGtM

Hi @Yigdes, sorry to hear this.

The best place for support is here:

Solana Discord Invite

Good luck :heart_decoration:

the link doesn’t work for me. They don’t accept the invite. I would like to contact them

Hi @Sghiddo,

Click here:


My sollet was hacked too and i don’t share seed to anyone. I joined Discord but can not contact to supporters there. Need OG to message?

There are many wallet were hacked. We did not share seed words to anyone and also did not connect to harm place. Please help us to recover wallet. Our fund were transfered to wallets of hacker. There are not any securities in solana wallets. Make us lost all fund.

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@alissaphan So sorry you lost your wallet!

Unfortunately once a transfer has been made it is permanent in less than a second and there is no way to undo it. There isn’t any way to recover what was lost.

I don’t know how your wallet was hacked, but if you never shared your wallet with anybody and you only used legitimate wallet software then it may be that you have a browser extension installed that is monitoring your activity on websites. It may be worth looking through your browser extensions and uninstalling any that you don’t really need.