Solletwallet hacking from Fake Admin

I wrote this email to solana and solanium but unfortunately no answer so far.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I will try to explain everything precisely and in detail.

I have the following problem. I had my slim token blocked for 35 days and unfortunately got on the autostake button. The blocking time suddenly increased to 365 days and I wanted to reverse it all.

I searched the Solanium official Community Telegram site for an admin who could help me. The admin with the name DM told me that he was responsible for these things and directed me to a page and unfortunately I fell for it.

I have saved all the written procedures with him and will send all the documents to you.

The evening he forwarded me to the website, he withdrew 0.16 sol from my wallet. I wanted to test again whether the access to my wallet has and sent sol 0.17 again on my wallet and the hacker stole that too. My concern is, if my Slim Token 1006 pieces are on stake for 360 days, the lock is gone that the hacker will steal it from me. I ask you to help me.

It would be a good solution that I create a new wallet and that you move my slim tokens, which are now in stake and blocked, into the new wallet. So I don’t have to worry anymore that the fake admin hacker will steal my slim token when the lock is gone.

I am also satisfied if I have to pay a fine for it and they would give me less slim tokens. The main thing is that it is clarified so that I can finally rest.

I would also like to take part in IDOs that run on Solanium, but I’m afraid that the fake admin will steal my profits too.

I have family with 3 children. Since then, I’ve had sleepless nights and a lot of headaches. I am worried a lot. Please help me, I ask you.

I will send you all the documents, my slim token deposit into my Sollet wallet, all writing with the fake admin hacker and the transactions that the fake admin hacker made via my Sollet wallet.

Please help me please

Kind regards

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I ask everyone. I’ve tried asking for help on discord, twitter and telegram. But unfortunately unsuccessful so far. There has to be a solution because of my blocked slim token. If the lock is gone, the fake admin can’t steal it. I’m asking for your help

So sorry you got scammed. :confused:

I do not know anything about SLIM tokens or how they are staked unfortunately, but I am pretty sure that there is nothing you can do to get your tokens back that the scammer can’t also do. If you both have the key, then you both have equal power over your wallet.

It sounds like it will essentially be a race between you and the scammer to transfer your tokens out after the lock on your tokens expire. If you get lucky, the scammer will not remember to transfer your tokens out, but if not, you will just have to try to be faster to transfer them than the scammer I think.

Again, so sorry about that!

Hello thanks for your answer. But there must be a solution, that means Solanium could simply move my blocked tokens to a new wallet and then the problem would actually be solved.

Did you say your tokens were stuck staked in something? Is that where they are now?

If they are stuck staked somewhere, then it depends on the network how they can become un-staked. I haven’t used SLIM tokens before so I don’t know how the network allows them to be un-staked.