Solscan SOL Transfer history change amount

Exploring my wallet in Solscan which has 1.0407 SOL in it. Summarizing the “Change amount” in SOL Transfers tab gives 260.1 SOL. Huge mismatch. Both Orca and Raydium have been used for swapping to various tokens which might have had some effect.

The result is the same for the CSV export.

Anyone with some advice? Need a history that is leading to the actual balance. The sum for all the other tokens is accurately correct.

Got reply from AlexM and hanna79163, are they trustworthy? Is a trustworthy site?

AlexM is a scam and do not click on the

Yeah, don’t reply to any direct messages, they’re all scams if they reached out to you first.

I’m almost positive hanna79163 is a scammer and the link is a scam.

About your issue, unfortunately I’m not sure why that’s happening. :thinking:

Have you done any staking on your SOL at all? That might confuse it, but I guess I’d still not know what to do about it.