[SOLVED] Does anyone know the maximum number of tokens when issuing spl token?

Hi everyone, it’s my first time writing on the forum, and if there’s a mistake, I hope you understand generously.

I minted 20 billion tokens as a test on devnet, and the balance was only 18446744073.709551615, and even 0.0000001 ramport was not minted additionally, so I’m asking you a question because the official document does not specify the maximum number of tokens available. (Maybe I couldn’t find it)

Thank you in advance for your kind reply and I hope you have a good day!

It’s a self-answer.
The problem was the decimal place.
When a token is generated as a default value, it is set to 9 digits below the decimal point, in which case 18.4 billion… The degree was maximum, and 50 billion tokens were issued without difficulty when set to 8 decimal places or less.