Spanish-speaking community

Hi everyone! I’m new in this community.
I’m from Argentina and I have about 2 years programming in solidity and about 6 months in Rust for Near protocol, recently I decided to enter in the Solana ecosystem and find that there is not a Spanish-speaking community here.
Are there plans to set up such a community or is it already being set up? If so, I offer myself to help with it, I have even give training since it is something that I like a lot.
Sorry if this topic has already been discussed and I haven’t read it.

Hi @DarioFS and welcome to the forum! :wave:

As far as I know there isn’t a Spanish-speaking community effort yet.

I’ve seen other forums such as the Vue forum create separate forum categories for different languages so we could probably do that here as well.

There was an ask for some other forum categories among the community here, too, so I’m going to ask if I can get admin access on this forum so that I can help set that up.

I’ll ask about it on the Solana discord once I get the chance. You might also want to look at Discord, because I think I remember seeing some French channels in Discord. There might be a Spanish section in there too, I just can’t remember.

Thank, very kind.
Yes, I did not find but I will search more in depth. Personally I prefer to have everything read in English, to practice it.
But since in Spain and Latin America the percentage of English speakers is small, I think it would be very useful to create courses and expand networks to that language.
If later it is decided to do I will try to help with it.

I’m actually working on possibly starting a website ( see this topic ) for Solana and other cryptocurrency guides and I was just thinking today that maybe I could use LibreTranslate to automatically create Spanish, French, etc. translations of the site from the English content. Seems like it could help make it easier to read for people in other languages, even if the automatic translation isn’t perfect.

There might be a plugin for the forum that could do that too. I’ll have to check.

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Just today a section in Spanish was created on the Discord.
In case you want to do translations, courses, bootcamps, etc. in Spanish, we could speak it and organize it there.

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OK, cool. I don’t speak Spanish myself, just English ( while trying to learn French, actually ), but I might let you know if I get my website going if you wanted to help there with translations or reviewing the quality of the machine-generated translation if I do that.

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count on my services regarding the portuguese language :nerd_face: Thanks for the initiative.