SPL token as Collectible

Hello to all.
Maybe somebody know, im searching for how i can create spl token which will be show in collectible items as nft.
I created tokens, I also created an nft collection, and now I’m looking for how to make a token like nft (but not nft). So that after creating the token, by going to the Phantom → Collectibles wallet, for example, I can see my tokens (not nft). I saw some guys managed to do this, it’s interesting how.

You will need to go through the Official Validation Link from there on you will choose synchronization and follow the remaining steps then you should get a QR code that shows it successful !!

Beware of @S0LANA who is a scammer on the forum.

I’m pretty sure it’s actually a Phantom bug, that can happen when you set your tokens decimal count to 0.

So if you got it to show in the collectibles tab, it probably would stop working eventually when Phantom fixes the bug.

thx, and how to give image and some info to it? Maybe you know?

You can submit your token info to this repository. The rules are strict so that the token info can be automatically merged, so just read the instructions very carefully:

Yes, but it gives img and name to the token in token(coins) list in wallet, but how to give image and info to “Collectible” tab…

I’m pretty sure that Phantom tries to read Metaplex NFT metadata in order to set the images for things in the Collectibles tab.

I think too
But i upload config file with img + json metadata file, noticed splTokenAcc and SplToken, but nothing happen(( maybe im doing smth wrong

I’m not sure. :man_shrugging: I don’t have a lot of experience with Metaplex.