Spl-token create-token OS Error 3

Using the Solana Client I have tried creating a token with the command:
spl-token create-token MYKEYPAIR.json --decimals 0

My response is: error: The system cannot find the path specified. (os error 3)

I am on windows 10 and the path seems to be correct unless the path in which it starts to read is a completely different path?

In any case, does anyone know what OS Error 3 means?

Hi @doubleHelixX and welcome to the forum! :wave:

Os error 3 is just what the system gives you when a file doesn’t exist.

Maybe you can try running the command like this:

spl-token create-token .\MYKEYPAIR.json --decimals 0

Notice the extra .\ which tells the command to specifically look for MYKEYPAIR.json in the current directory.